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About Us

Welcome to Tabu Ohana, where, with a limitless imagination and a knack for rolling up sleeves to do great work, dreams are transformed into reality.   

We're not a huge Esports furniture and gaming chair company, but we are a dedicated team committed to providing you with Comfort, Quality and Style in each and every product you buy from us. We invest in head-turning designs and cutting-edge production you will be proud to tell family and friends about. 

Welcome to The Family.

"Visionary" aka YP

Shortly after the fall of South Vietnam, a young boy went on a voyage with his sister, uncle, aunt, and very pregnant mother. They boarded a barely refurbished fishing boat. In a matter of days, his family found themselves aimlessly drifting in the middle of a roiling South China Sea. The sea was infested with pirates, storms, and likely death. They were not alone in this journey; millions had shared the same dream, but alas only 50% would survive the pilgrimage.  With unwavering hope, YP's family never lost sight of their dream - to build a better life for themselves. 

Growing up as one of the few Asian families in the inner-city part of Sacramento, CA had its unique set of challenges. Constantly misunderstood by his teachers, repeatedly jumped by gangs, and enduring impoverished conditions has shaped YP to be the scrappy and adaptable person he is today.

After high school, YP followed his innate calling and enlisted in the Navy, where he served as a FMF Hospital Corpsman.  Serving in the military enabled him to travel the globe. Of the dozens of countries he visited, it’s no surprise that he felt most at home in rural pockets of Southeast Asia which brought comforting reminders of his original homeland.  However, to this day, he keeps with him the graphic and devastating images of what he witnessed while on the job in war-torn parts of the world. But, those stories will be saved for a later time. Above all, his tenure with the Navy instilled in him a deep gratitude for the opportunities borne out of his life in the U.S., as well as an undeniable abundance of compassion for veterans who have dedicated their lives for service to our Country.

Now, years since his first touch-point in the U.S., some of YP's childhood friends have become his business partners! This is where the story begins for the company these childhood friends have passionately built from the ground up.


"Architect" aka NT

Believing that no task is too big and no challenge is insurmountable, NT thrives in finding solutions big, small, and especially creative.  Perhaps this unique trait is attributable to spending his formative years in refugee camps, after his parents escaped Vietnam when he was only six years old. As the first-born of Chinese-Vietnamese immigrants, NT was required at a very young age to lead and look after his five siblings. His early life would be the springboard to his current endeavors.

Raised in Sacramento, CA, NT spent many weekends and summers traversing the sprawling geography seeking the most exotic fish at aquariums. He also mined the rarest Marvel and DC comic books to round out his modest collection at home. NT wasn’t too shy to spend long, dutiful hours at his mom’s beauty salon doing repairs or painting art on clients’ fingernails. Did we mention that countless miles were clocked on his secondhand BMX bike which took him on these adventures?

Years later, NT is a designer at an engineering firm (by day).  Nights and weekends, he’s a self-taught artist, chef, gardener, all-around handyman, and an incurable fisherman.  These days you can find him creating his next artistic masterpiece or escaping for many hours to the riverbank, on a quest for his next big catch. And joining Tabu Ohana feels like the most exciting catch so far.

At Tabu Ohana, NT has felt at home working with teammates with whom he shares both personal histories and life values. He’s excited to share what Tabu Ohana has been working on with the rest of the world. So come along, sit back, buckle up, and play with us in comfort and style!


"The Professional" aka NC

When NC was five, he immigrated with his parents and two little sisters from the South Pacific island of Fiji to Sacramento, CA. At the time, his father worked in local government and decided to move the entire family out of the island country due to looming social unrest.  His parents were in their mid-twenties when they decided to leave everything and everyone they knew behind in order to provide an education for their young children. Settling in Sacramento, the family plunged themselves into exploring the new and unfamiliar land.

Having only known his native languages, NC found it hard to fit-in.  He recalls saying very little during the earlier days in the U.S. for fear of making a social misstep. That all changed in kindergarten when his teacher set aside reading materials just for him to help foster his English learning. That turning point set into motion a lifelong love for learning.

NC since earned degrees in Marketing and Management, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University, Sacramento. And his passion for technology has earned him eight U.S. patents, which are utilized at Fortune 10 companies in digital media-to-mobile devices and connected cars technology. With years of marketing, advertising and operational experience, NC leads the Marketing and Business Operations at Tabu Ohana. 

When he’s not researching and perfecting his next product idea, NC finds himself at auto shows, ogling exotic cars or spending time with close friends and family. And no matter what setting he walks into these days, he is sure to live by and remind others to: “Let’s have some fun with it.”

We thank you for believing in Comfort, Quality and Style.

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