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Helping Orphans

Learn more about our passion:
Tabu Ohana Orphanage,
helping children at the
Vinh Son Orphanage.

Tabu Ohana Mission Statement

Tabu Ohana’s mission is simple:

Sell great products and use the profits to change orphans’ lives around the world.

It’s a simple dream with humble beginnings. We want to build a family and empower it to take on one of the world's most challenging problems.

The Problem:

Orphans are among the most vulnerable people on planet Earth. While they don't always get the resources they need in the developed world, it's worse in developing nations. Often, those caring for orphans in developing countries are themselves impoverished.  

That means that orphans in places like Vietnam don’t always receive consistent food and clothing, nor do they always attend school.

When these orphans age out of the system, they frequently lack the job skills needed to make a living, dooming many to a life of poverty. Worse, they know this is what the future has in store for them, robbing their lives of hope.

While many organizations raise funds to fight these problems, they face a few fundamental issues. It always costs money to raise funds, and it often gets more expensive to raise money as time goes on.

That means fundraising rarely scales well, and that the loss of one or two significant donors can set an organization back years.

The Mission:

We know that if we make a good product, people will buy it. If we make a great product, people will buy it over and over again.

As you can see, Tabu Ohana takes a different approach to charitable work. Fundraising doesn’t scale, but business does. For each additional unit sold, the cost per unit goes down, and that means there’s more money for caring for orphans.

But we want to do more than provide food, clothing, and shelter. Orphans in impoverished countries lack hope for a better life.

What better way to restore that hope than to teach them job skills and instill in them an entrepreneurial spirit?

With those skills, they can escape the cycle of poverty, and help make the world a better place.

Tabu Ohana is more than a company. It’s a collective of people united by their shared concern for spending their money in a way that makes a positive impact.

Welcome to the family.

Phase One: Grow the Family

Every family starts somewhere.

Right now, we’re hard at work designing new products and building relationships with manufacturers that will help us get the best prices possible.

We’re meeting people who share our values and give them the opportunity to make the world a better place and get something awesome in return.  

Phase Two: Scale Up

We believe that with the support of family, we can do anything.

In Phase Two, we’ll take the profits from Phase One and use them to expand our product line and begin our support for orphans first in Vietnam.

We're working in association with Friends of Vinh Son Orphanage, a nonprofit that supports orphanages in Vietnam. In addition to providing material support, we’re developing job training opportunities for Vietnamese orphans that go above and beyond the educational opportunities in their region.

Whether it's through running coffee shops, fishing, farming, or even advanced technical courses, we believe we can help orphans find hope that the future will be better and give them the knowledge they need to forge their path in life.

Phase Three: Change the World

Good acts, no matter how small, have the potential to change the world.

We believe in doing good deeds. Our method is simple: sell great products to people who want to do good things for their less-fortunate brothers and sisters around the world. We live simply and keep our costs low to ensure that as much money as possible goes to those in need.

We’re not here to make grand proclamations about how we’re going to make the world a better place. But we know if we stay humble, get the details right, and keep our sights focused on the end goal, we have a shot at doing just that. 

Thank you for hearing our story and for helping us help children in need.